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Volian Enterprises PROcedure Maintenance System

Our flagship product is a true procedure management system that produces consistent procedures while saving NPP procedure writers valuable time and money More.....



Volian is assisting several plants in the creation of post-Fukushima FLEX procedures and the upgrading of SAMGs and EOPs.  We are assisting in the development of FLEX support Guidelines (FSGs) at one site, and the calculation of FLEX setpoints at two other sites.  Please consider Volian to join your team as one of your post-Fukushima consultants.  For more information, please see our Engineering Services Brochure.

Accident Management
We support development and maintenance of EOPs and SAMGs for Westinghouse designed NPPs.  Our personnel each have over 25 years experience in this specialized field. 


Volian is the industry leader in providing SAMG and EOP setpoint services to Westinghouse designed NPPs.  We have assisted approximately 1/2 of the domestic Westinghouse NPPs with their EOP setpoints.  Recent projects include setpoint upgrades for Vogtle, Robinson, R.E. Ginna, Wolf Creek, Turkey Point, and Prairie Island.  See attached slide presentation for details.


Application Development
We develop software tools that assist nuclear power plant personnel to perform their jobs more efficiently in a highly regulated, controlled environment. 



Volian's Quality Assurance programs have been recertified as being compliant with 10CFR50 Appendix B and ANSI/ASME NQA-1 following a recent audit conducted by a NUPIC member.  Contact Harry Julian for more details on the Volian QA plan.

Engineering Services
We provide support in the areas of safety analysis, licensing, procedure, and new reactor safety criteria and design.


VE-PROMS Demonstrations
If you missed one of our VE-PROMS demonstrations and would like to view a repeat performance.




Volian has released the initial version of our new version PROcedure Maintenance System, PROMS to 16 sites.  The effort involved converting plant data and development of formats for the new PROMS version for the 20 total nuclear sites that use PROMS (see list of PROMS users).  There are four sites remaining to transition to the new version. 


New customers who have an interest in learning more about PROMS should contact Harry Julian at 724-335-3744.  We would be happy to show you why PROMS is the most advanced, easiest to use procedure maintenance system available.  For additional information, please see our PROMS Brochure.






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